Leah has designed programs in Ballet Body, Iron Barre, Prenatal, and Bariatric Fitness. These programs range from helping to perform activities of daily living to select aesthetic programs for specific body types. Leah also offers personalized coaching online and in person.


Ballet Body and Iron Barre workouts offer the most advanced barre training with creative variations, challenging progressions, and results-oriented programs that will transform the female physique. 


Leah is not only a mom of three but also a certified prenatal exercise specialist. She has created one of the top selling, comprehensive, prenatal programs designed for all three trimester and awarded top prenatal program by FITNESS magazine.


HIIT workouts and resistance training are incredible for revving up the metabolism by counteracting the effects of aging and muscle loss. Leah offers safe, modified options for her HIIT sessions as well as progressive resistance training protocols in her workouts and programs making it doable for all fitness levels.


If you suffer from weight issues, orthopedic concerns, arthritis, or require a foundational  program to help you perform or improve activities of daily living, this program will help you with mobility, flexibility, strength, and overall pain-free movement.


If you are a bariatric patient or candidate, this program has been specifically designed to help you exercise before and after bariatric surgery. It takes into consideration dietary restrictions, orthopedic concerns, and mobility issues.