Ballerinas with Biceps???



Ballerinas with Biceps?

Listen…if your goal is sleek and feminine arms (which is my assumption if you are purchasing something called “Ballet Body”), then repetitive concentric bicep curls is exactly what you should NOT be doing – my workouts are designed to strengthen the biceps through isometrics and stability.  If, however, your goal is bicep-specific strength and/or increased muscle girth (size) of the upper arm, then bicep curls should be included in your training regimen (but again, this is “Ballet Body”, not “Leah’s Hour of He-Man Arms”).  In my experience, for feminine and functionally strong biceps, carrying bags of groceries, holding crying babies and toddlers, and hoisting loads of laundry is all the repetition and training that’s needed.  And for triceps, one of the most important upper body muscle groups…there’s lots of planks and pushups 🙂